Lesson 24: Spanish phrases using Possessive Adjectives (1/2)

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Lesson 24: Spanish phrases using Possessive Adjectives (1/2)
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Lesson 24: Spanish phrases using Possessive Adjectives (1/2)

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Spanish phrases that use Possessive Adjectives

This lesson complements our previous lesson (Lesson 23: Spanish Possessive Pronouns). So, if you still haven't I strongly recommend that you watch that one first.

Since I assume that you have already watched Lesson 23, I wont explain Possessive Adjectives and Possessive pronouns again. Instead, I will focus more on showing you a few simple Spanish phrases using the Spanish Possessive Adjectives that we have learnt in our previous lesson:

- Mi camisa blanca - My white shirt
- Mi camisa es blanca - My shirt is white

- Tu auto nuevo - Your new car
- Tu auto es nuevo - Your car is new

- Su casa grande - His/her/its/your (formal) big house
- Su casa es grande - His/her/its/your (formal) house is big

- Nuestros pantalones cortos - Our short trousers (shorts)
- Nuestros pantalones son cortos - Our trousers are short

- Vuestros libros viejos - Your (plural) old books
- Vuestros libros son viejos - Your (plural) books are old
("Vosotros" is the subject pronouns that is used in Spain for "you" plural. "Vuestro" is its corresponding possessive adjective)

- Sus zapatos rotos - Your (plural) broken shoes
- Sus zapatos están rotos - Your (plural) shoes are broken
("Ustedes" is the subject pronoun that is used in Latin America. "Su" is its corresponding possessive adjective. But "su" is also used to mean "their")

- Sus calcetines azules - Their blue socks
- Sus calcetines son azules - Their socks are blue

Don't forget to comment or ask if you have any questions. I try not to leave any questions or doubts unanswered.

Also, I recommend all my students that follow my online courses to do the exams that I upload to my website. The topic of this lesson (Spanish phrases using Possessive Adjectives) is included in Spanish Quiz Nbr. 4 (lessons 20 - 26).

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