Learn Spanish 299: 4rd Rule of Spanish accents

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Learn Spanish 299: 4rd Rule of Spanish accents
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Learn Spanish 299: 4rd Rule of Spanish accents

You can find all my lessons at http://www.spanishfreelessonsonline.com/list-lessons/ or at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v8J281hMF2oE&listPLKQEL9j11yiUQ5SWdkc6ZT6A1NRoaskst
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Spanish accents - Rule Nbr. 4

The use of Spanish accents is explained very thoroughly through these 4 rules:

1) "tildes" for words that are "agudas", "graves o llanas" and "esdrújulas" (Lesson 294).

2) "tildes" for "hiatos" (Lesson 297).

3) "tildes" for question words (Lesson 298).

4) Tildes to differentiate between monosyllables that are spelled the same, but have different meaning.

Technically speaking, in Spanish when we say "acento" we don't necessarily mean the "tilde", rather the syllable of a word that is accentuated. To refer to that short line that we sometimes place on a vowel, we say "tilde" (even-though many native Spanish speakers incorrectly call it "acento").

Our 4th Rule of Spanish accents refers to those twin words that have different meaning. These are sets of monosyllabic words that are written the same, but mean something different. Like, for example: "más" (more) and "mas" (but). Notice that one carries a Spanish accent or "tilde" and the other one doesn't.

Per the 4th Rule of Spanish accents, monosyllabic words that are the same, but have a different meaning, must carry a "tilde" to differentiate one from the other.

Examples of 4th Rule of Spanish Accents:

más - mas (more - but)
aún - aun (still - even)
mí - mi (me - my)
tú - tu (you - your)
él - el (he - the)
té - te (tea - reflexive particle for 2nd person sing.)
sé - se (I know - pronoun)

Here we finish our topic about Spanish accents. All that is to be known about this beautiful Spanish topic is explained in the lessons I have referred to above. But if you have any questions or doubts don't hesitate to ask. I try not to leave any questions unanswered.

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