Study Spanish 31: Why Because in Spanish (Video 2/2)

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Study Spanish 31: Why Because in Spanish (Video 2/2)
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Study Spanish 31: Why Because in Spanish (Video 2/2)

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Why Because in Spanish

Lets begin by stressing that "por qué" and "porque" have different meanings.

Literally speaking, if we do a word for word translation, "por qué" means "for what". So, "for what" is how we say WHY in Spanish.

But the word for "because" is one word: PORQUE (note how there is no space, because it is only one word).

Also, the question "why" (por qué) carries a "tilde" (é), while the answer "because" (porque) doesn't carry a tilde. That is because "que" always carries a tilde when it implies a question.

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Why Because in Spanish - Examples

- ¿Por qué corres? - Why do you run?
- Porque estoy apurado/a - Because I am in a hurry
- ¿Por qué bebes tanta agua? - Why do you drink so much water?
- Porque tengo mucha sed - Because I am very thirsty
- ¿Por qué comes tanto? - Why do you eat so much?
- Porque tengo mucha hambre - Because I am very hungry
- ¿Por qué lloras? - Why do you cry?
- Porque estoy triste - Because I am sad
- ¿Por qué te vas? - Why do you leave?
- Porque debo ir a trabajar - Because I must go to work

I recommend all my students that follow my online courses to do the exams that I upload to my website. The topic of this lesson (Why Because in Spanish) is included in Spanish Quiz Nbr. 5 (lessons 27 - 34).

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