Learn Spanish 22: Spanish Prepositions Video 2/2

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Learn Spanish 22: Spanish Prepositions Video 2/2
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Learn Spanish 22: Spanish Prepositions Video 2/2

You can find all my lessons at http://www.spanishfreelessonsonline.com/list-lessons/ or at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v8J281hMF2oE&listPLKQEL9j11yiUQ5SWdkc6ZT6A1NRoaskst
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Spanish Prepositions - Spanish grammar with examples

One of the few first grammar lessons we get when we start learning a new language is about the prepositions.

There are usually lots of prepositions, and of different kind. So, lets begin with a few of the most used Spanish prepositions. These few words are so basic and essential that you'd rather learn them sooner than later.

These are the Spanish prepositions we will work with in today's video-lesson:

- con - with
- sin - without
- por - by/for
- para - for
- de - of
- a - to

Case-study examples of Spanish prepositions

- Estoy con ella - I am with her.
- Estoy sin ella - I am without her.
- Lo hago por ellos - I do it for them.
- Esto es para ti - This is for you.
- Este libro es de historia - This book is of history (this is a book of history).
- Iré a Madrid - I will go to Madrid.
- Tendré cuidado con el perro - I will be careful with (of) the dog.
- Estoy sin dinero - I am without money.
- Por este motivo debo volver a casa - For this reason I have to go/come back home.
- ¿Para quién es esto? - Who is this for?
- Esa casa es (la) de Rafael - That house is Rafael's (the one of Rafael).
- ¿A quién le importa? - To whom does it matter?

Although we will be focusing more on vocabulary and grammar, pay attention to the Spanish pronunciation in these video lessons, and remember to practice repeating the same words and sounds.

Don't forget to comment or ask if you have any questions. I try not to leave any questions or doubts unanswered.

Also, I recommend all my students that follow my online courses to do the exams that I upload to my website. The topic of this lesson (Spanish prepositions) is included in Spanish Quiz Nbr. 4 (lessons 20 - 26).

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