Free Spanish Lessons 133 -Conjugating reg.verbs:Future 2

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Free Spanish Lessons 133 -Conjugating reg.verbs:Future 2
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Free Spanish Lessons 133 -Conjugating reg.verbs:Future 2

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Spanish lesson #133: Today's lesson is dedicated to learning how to conjugate all Spanish regular verbs (from each of the three groups) into the alternate Future tense that I call Future 2. The reason why I teach this alternate future, is because it's much easier for English speakers, as it resembles this one: "I am going to.". Furthermore, this form is probably much more used in Spanish than in it is in English.

This is the fourth of a series of 22 lessons dedicated to teaching all the 22 different conjugation forms in Spanish, and I will teach you the rules for conjugating all the regular verbs that belong to each of the three different groups of Spanish verbs: The verbs that end in -AR, the verbs that end in -ER, and the verbs that end in -IR.

You can see a full list of all the video lessons in my website:

Although we will be focussing more on vocabulary and grammar, pay attention to the Spanish pronunciation in these video lessons, and remember to practice repeating the same words and sounds.

To make the video-screen larger, click on the right icon on the lower right corner of the video.

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