Lesson 254: Travel words in Spanish - Why do we travel?

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Lesson 254: Travel words in Spanish - Why do we travel?
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Lesson 254: Travel words in Spanish - Why do we travel?

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Travel words in Spanish

Why do we travel?

This is mainly a thematic lesson to learn Spanish vocabulary. Since we will be talking about traveling, I will list some of the most frequent reasons why we travel in the first place:

- viajamos por diversión - we travel for fun
- viajamos por ocio - we travel for leisure
- viajamos para descansar - we travel to rest (to relax)
- para aprender - to learn
- para conocer otros pueblos - to know other people
- por trabajo - for work
- para visitar familia - to visit family / relatives
- para visitar amigos - to visit friends
- por negocios - for business
- para asistir a algún congreso o conferencia -to attend some congress or lecture
- para hacer comopras - to go shopping
- para estudiar / por estudios - to study / for studying

In a future lesson we will learn some more travel words in Spanish, or Spanish vocabulary that may become useful when we are traveling.

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Although we will be focusing more on vocabulary and grammar, pay attention to the Spanish pronunciation in these video lessons, and remember to practice repeating the same words and sounds.

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