Lesson 14: Spanish pronouns This That These Those (2/2)

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Lesson 14: Spanish pronouns This That These Those (2/2)
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Lesson 14: Spanish pronouns This That These Those (2/2)

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Spanish pronouns This That These Those

This topic is usually taught in level 1, whatever language it is that you are learning.

To learn how to use the Spanish pronouns THIS THAT THESE THOSE properly, we need to use the Spanish "tildes". However, lets leave the rules of "tildes" for later on. It's enough for now to memorize when we use ESTE, ESTA, ESE, ESA, AQUEL, AQUELLA, ESTOS, ESTAS, ESOS, ESAS, AQUELLOS, AQUELLAS with a Spanish "tilde" and when not.

Take a look:

este / esta: this (masc. / fem)
ese / esa: that (masc. /fem)
aquel / aquella: that (masc. / fem)
estos / estas: these (masc. / fem)
esos / esas: those (masc. / fem)
aquellos / aquellas: those (masc. / fem)
éste / ésta: this one (masc. / fem)
ése / ésa: that one (masc. / fem)
aquél / aquélla: that one (masc. / fem)
éstos / éstas: these (masc. / fem)
ésos / ésas: those (masc. / fem)
aquéllos / aquéllas: those (masc. / fem)
As you can observe, the first six do not have the Spanish "tilde", while the last six do.

The rule can be simplified like this:

When they ARE followed by the noun, they DON'T carry the Spanish "tilde".
When they are NOT followed by the noun, then they DO carry the Spanish "tilde".
In the two videos below I will talk about these Spanish pronouns, and I will give you several examples of usage. Watch this video-lesson (videos 1 & 2) and listen to the pronunciation and few tips that I will mention.

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