Learn Spanish 23: Spanish Possessive Adjectives Vid. 2/2

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Learn Spanish 23: Spanish Possessive Adjectives Vid. 2/2
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Learn Spanish 23: Spanish Possessive Adjectives Vid. 2/2

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Examples with Spanish Possessive Adjectives

Since Spanish Possessive Adjectives are so related to Spanish Possessive Pronouns, lets begin by explaining the main different between both of them:

- Pronouns: They take the place of a noun
- Adjectives: They only describe a nouns or provide additional information

Therefore, lets take a look at the two sentences below and see the difference:

1) Mi libro es verde - My book is green
2) El mío es verde - Mine is green

The first sentence is an example of a Spanish Possessive Adjective. You can see that the word "mi" (my) provides additional information. It tells that whatever we are talking about is mine.

The second sentence is an example of a Spanish Possessive Pronoun. Here you can see that the word "mío" (mine) is, in fact, replacing the noun.

Now that you understand the difference between Spanish Possessive Adjectives and Spanish Possessive Pronouns, let focus on the first, and leave the latter for a future lesson.

Spanish Possessive Adjectives

- Mi libro - My book
- Mis libros - My books

- Tu casa- Your home / house
- Tus casas - Your homes / houses

- Su amigo - His/her friend (also "Your friend" when addressing someone formally)
- Sus amigos - His/her friends (also "Your friends" when addressing someone formally)

- Nuestro amigo - Our friend
- Nuestros amigos - Our friend
- Nuestra amiga - Our girl-friend
- Nuestras amigas - Our girl-friends

- Vuestro amigo - Your friend (You Plural)
- Vuestros amigos - Your friends (You Plural)
- Vuestra amiga - Your girl-friend (You Plural)
- Vuestras amigas - Your girl-friends (You Plural)

- Su amigo - Their friend
- Sus amigos - Their friends
- Su amiga - Their girl-friend
- Sus amigas - Their girl-friends

Note how "his", "her", "its", "your (formal) and "their" are exactly the same in Spanish: "su".

Don't forget to comment or ask if you have any questions. I try not to leave any questions or doubts unanswered.

Also, I recommend all my students that follow my online courses to do the exams that I upload to my website. The topic of this lesson (Spanish possessive adjectives) is included in Spanish Quiz Nbr. 4 (lessons 20 - 26).

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