Lesson 13: Conversational Spanish Buying & Selling (2/2)

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Lesson 13: Conversational Spanish Buying & Selling (2/2)
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Lesson 13: Conversational Spanish Buying & Selling (2/2)

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Conversational Spanish Dialog topic: Buying & Selling

In our previous lesson (lesson 12) we learnt a few simple but useful sentences regarding Buying and Selling.

Today lets do a bit more of the same. But this time lets structure it a bit more in the shape of a simple dialog in Spanish.

Conversational Spanish is something we need to focus on every once in a while in order to practice and learn how to put grammar and vocabulary together in a useful way.

COMPRADOR: Buen día. ¿Cuánto cuesta este libro?
BUYER: Good morning. How much does this book cost?
VENDEDOR: Cuesta quinientos (500) pesos.
SELLER: It costs five-hundred (500) pesos.

COMPRADOR: ¿Quinientos pesos? ¡Está muy caro! ¿Hay descuento por pago al contado?
BUYER: Five-hundred pesos? It's very expensive! Is there rebate for paying cash?
VENDEDOR: No está caro, señor. Está bien barato. No le puedo bajar más el precio.
SELLER: It's not expensive, sir. It is very cheap. I cannot lower the price anymore.

COMPRADOR: ¡Qué lástima! ¿Y si compro tres libros? ´¿Me haría un descuento?
BUYER: What a shame! And if l bought three books? Would you do a discount?
VENDEDOR: Los tres juntos cuestan mil cuatrocientos (1400) pesos. Se los puedo dejar a mil doscientos (1200).
SELLER: The three together 1400. I can leave them for 1200.

COMPRADOR: Está bien. Aquí tiene mil quinientos (1500).
BUYER: OK. Here you are 1500.
VENDEDOR: Y aquí tiene su vuelto y sus libros. Que tenga un buen día.
SELLER: And here is your change, and your books. You have a nice day.

COMPRADOR: Gracias. Igualmente.
BUYER: Thank you. The same for you.

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