Spanish lessons 255: Spanish phone conversation

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Spanish lessons 255: Spanish phone conversation
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Spanish lessons 255: Spanish phone conversation

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Spanish phone conversation

In this lesson I have tried to bring some kind of simple dialog in Spanish. A typical simple dialog is what we usually can find in a short Spanish phone conversation.

This is a very short example of what a Spanish phone conversation could be. I have included some few alternative sentences and Spanish phrases. However, I don't even have to mention that it can get much richer than this.

But I am sure you will get a few sentences for your personal stock of useful Spanish phrases.

Remember to leave a comment if you have any questions regarding this or any other topic related to our Spanish course.

Simple typical example of a Spanish phone conversation

Quien atiende: Hola.
Person answering: Hello.

Quien llama: Hola. ¿Se encuentra Carlos? / ¿Podría hablar con Carlos? / ¿Con quién estoy hablando?
Person calling: Hello. Is Carlos there? / May I speak with Carlos? / Whom am I speaking to?

Quien atiende: Él no se encuentra. ¿Quién habla? / ¿De parte de quién? / Acaba de salir. / Está ocupado en este momento. Vuelva a llamar en media hora.
Person answering: He is not here. / ¿Who is speaking? / On who's behalf? (Who is it?) / He has just left. / He is busy at this moment. (Please) call back in half an hour.

Quien llama: Gracias. Entonces llamaré más tarde. Hasta luego.
Person calling: Thanks. Then I will call back later. Until later.

Quien atiende: Hasta luego.
Person answering: Until later.

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