Study Spanish 28: The weather in Spanish (Video 1 of 2)

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Study Spanish 28: The weather in Spanish (Video 1 of 2)
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Study Spanish 28: The weather in Spanish (Video 1 of 2)

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The weather in Spanish

This lesson about the weather in Spanish is basically a class of Spanish vocabulary and sentences. So, it's a mixture of Spanish grammar and vocab.

Each one of the sentences displayed below, and taught the video-lesson below, includes common words that we have to know when speaking of the weather in Spanish

I insist on sentence building, because this is essential for you to get to feel comfortable with Spanish. I always try to introduce easy and simple phrases. Perhaps not too easy that they don't present any challenge. But not too difficult either that you will feel at a loss.

Sentences regarding the weather in Spanish

- ¿Cómo está el tiempo (hoy)? - How is the weather today?
- Está soleado. - It is sunny.
- Está nublado. Creo que va a llover. - It is cloudy. I think that it is going to rain.
- El cielo está celeste y sin nubes. - The sky is baby-blue and without clouds.
- Está nevando. - It is snowing.
- Creo que pronto va a nevar. - I think that soon it is going to snow.
- Hay mucho viento. - There is plenty of wind.
- Está ventoso. - It is windy.
- Hay mucha humedad. - There is plenty of humidity.
- Está muy húmedo. - It is very damp / humid.
- El clima está muy seco. - The weather is very dry.
- Pronto va a haber (una) tormenta. - Soon there is going to be (a) storm.
- Pronto habrá (una) tormenta. - Soon there will be (a) storm.
- Llueve mucho. - It rains a lot
- Está garuando / Está lloviznando. - It is drizzling

I recommend all my students that follow my online courses to do the exams that I upload to my website. The topic of this lesson (the weather in Spanish) is included in Spanish Quiz Nbr. 5 (lessons 27 - 34).

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