Day To Night Interior Character Animation in After Effects Tutorial

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Day To Night Interior Character Animation in After Effects   Tutorial
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Day To Night Interior Character Animation in After Effects Tutorial

8600+ Templates: - Create a day to night cycle for your cartoon, vector motion graphics. In this After Effects tutorial, learn the 5 steps to producing loopable day to night interior cycles. Use motion graphics to create sun and moon elements that cycle throughout the sky in your vector scene!

Day and night are the one thing that we know we can count on happening every single day. And while animations aren’t always based on reality, day and night scenery is a necessary know-how when it comes to animating characters in After Effects. So transition your animated scenery from day to night with this day to night interior character animation After Effects tutorial!

In this tutorial, we will be discussing Illustrator setup, day to night color changes, practical lighting, character time lapses, and sky animations. We can guarantee you that this tutorial will make a day and night difference in your motion graphics skills! Be sure to like and subscribe for more content like this!

Watch this tutorial on basic Animations that are setup in Adobe Illustrator:

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0:00 Intro - Smash that like button please!
0:22 - Step 1 - Illustrator Setup
1:05 - Step 2 - Day to Night Color Change
2:38 Download over 8600 templates!
3:05 - Step 3 - Practical Lighting
4:15 - Step 4 - Character Time-lapse
6:02- Step 5 - Sky Animation
8:03 Outro - Please Subscribe for More!

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