Top 5 Best Expressions in After Effects

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Top 5 Best Expressions in After Effects
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Top 5 Best Expressions in After Effects

There are many expressions in After Effects. A lot of expressions take a lot of code and others might not do that much for the average After Effects user. So in this After Effects tutorial, we go through my list of the top 5 best expressions in After Effects that anyone can actually use in about every project. These will help you produce great work and of course save time!

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Expressions Used in this video:
1. Count up or down:
"$" + effect("Slider Control")("Slider").value.toFixed(0)

2. PosterizeTime

3. 3D Camera Shake or Separate Dimensions
x wiggle(1,100)[0];
y wiggle(1,50)[1];
z wiggle(.5,20)[2];


4. Auto Resizing


5. LoopOut

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0:00 Intro – Smash The Like Button :)
0:39 Expression 1 - Count Up or Count Down
2:35 Expression 2 - PosterizeTime - Stop Motion
3:41 650 Motion Graphics Starter Pack
5:03 Expression 3 - 3D Camera Shake
7:31 Expression 4 - Auto-Resizing
9:57 Expression 5 - LoopOut
11:16 Outro - Please Subscribe :)

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