Top 5 Best Templates For After Effects (VideoHive)

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Top 5 Best Templates For After Effects (VideoHive)
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Top 5 Best Templates For After Effects (VideoHive)

In no particular order, here are my top 5 favorite After Effects templates! I've been using these templates for over a year now and though it was hard decision, these are the 5 templates that I believe are the top! Be sure to check out each template and see it's versatility for your own projects!

Check out the the best templates here on one page:

#1 TOKO, 1450 Motion Graphic Elements:
#2 RTFX Generator:
#3 1000+ Motion Presets:
1000+ Text Presets:
#4 TypoKing, 555 Titles:
#5 Seamless Transitions, 2000+ for After Effects:
1000+ Transitions For Premiere:

Why do I use Videohive?
Videohive is the best After Effects template marketplace on the net because templates are created by thousands of motion graphic artist around the world who are all motivated to produce the best work. Because the incentive for authors are higher than other stock sites, the best After Effects users that create templates work with Videohive. Plus, all of the templates I showcased in this video have been updated many times and the authors will continue to add more to them!

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