3 Popular Cinematic Logo Reveal Intro Techniques in After Effects

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3 Popular Cinematic Logo Reveal Intro Techniques in After Effects
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3 Popular Cinematic Logo Reveal Intro Techniques in After Effects

Creating Cinematic Logo Reveals is one of the most awarding elements to create in After Effects. There just so cool and make you a boss! A lot of people may find it intimating to create such projects. Well, in our tutorial we're here to tell you it's super easy to create cinematic logo reveals! So in this After Effects tutorial learn how to put together logo textures, easy animation, and how to use assets to build out your scene.

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0:00 Intro – Smash The Like Button :)
0:31 Tip One - Texturing Your Logo
5:04 Use Over 500 Templates With Our After Effects Extension
6:11 Tip Two - Animating Your Logo Via Stroke
9:36 Tip Three - Creating Volumetric Elements
12:43 Outro - Please Subscribe :)

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