7 Easy 3D Mosaic Slideshow Effects in After Effects

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7 Easy 3D Mosaic Slideshow Effects in After Effects
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7 Easy 3D Mosaic Slideshow Effects in After Effects

1400+ Motion Graphics Pro Pack: https://bit.ly/MGPPPACK1400 - Do you have more photos than you know what to do with? In this After Effects tutorial we're going to create something called a mosaic slideshow effect. All we're doing is showing a series of photos or videos in a professional fast moving project. So whether you are just starting off in After Effects, you'll be able to create an easy 3D Mosaic Slideshow Effect!

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0:00 Intro – Let's get 1000 Likes on this video!
0:31 Step 1 - Create Placeholders for Each Image
1:24 Step 2 - Create 5 or More Groups for Placeholders
2:49 Step 3 - Stack Each Group
3:24 Save Time and Produce Awesome Work - Link in Description
3:45 Step 4 - Create Stacked Animation
5:25 Step 5.1 - Create Camera Movement
6:23 Step 5.2 - Move Camera Movement Techniques
7:24 Step 6 - Add Light Leaks and Blurs
8:46 Step 7 - Add Opening Matte Transition
9:40 Outro - Subscribe!

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