100 Title Pack For After Effects & Premiere Pro Full Review

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100 Title Pack For After Effects & Premiere Pro   Full Review
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100 Title Pack For After Effects & Premiere Pro Full Review

The 100 Title Pack Here: https://bit.ly/100TitlesSonduck - We have released our After Effects and Premiere Pro 100 Title Pack, and it's time for the full review! The 100 Title Pack is unlike any other title template out there. You have the ability to customize your titles in any way you want. You can hide titles and other shapes within each template, while keeping the animation the same. This way, you can use one title for your entire project and keep the animation and branding consistent. The pack comes with it's own Extension called AtomX, where you can preview every element in After Effects. You can also, use Essential Graphics in Premiere Pro to quickly import and edit titles.

Here's the 100 Title Pack on our website, SonduckFilm: https://bit.ly/100TitlesSonduck

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0:00 Intro to Title Pack
0:41 Quick Import with AtomX Extension
0:57 Endless Customization
3:23 Adding More Titles
3:47 Premiere Pro Titles - Essential Graphics
5:19 Check our links below and see all 100 titles!

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