Quick Tutorials: Text Message Chat Animation in After Effects

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Quick Tutorials: Text Message Chat Animation in After Effects
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Quick Tutorials: Text Message Chat Animation in After Effects

In this After Effects Quick Tutorial, we will create a text message animation.

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Download Project Files Here:

Script: We already have a 1080p comp with a background. Create a new solid by going up to Layer - New Solid. Change the color to blue or any color of your choice. Select the rounded rectangle tool and draw out a box. Then create another solid with the same color. Select the pen tool and draw out a message tail. When you create the tip of the tail, drag in the right vertices and then finish the shape. Move the tail to wherever you like on the bottom of the rounded rectangle. Precompose both solid elements. Set the new comp layer to Softlight. Go to your text tool and type out your text. Then let’s go to the Effects & presets window and search for the typewriter preset. Add the preset to the text. Keep in mind this is optional. Move the anchor point of the text message background to the tail. Then animate the scale from 0% to 100%

Copy and paste the background elements of the text message and paste them into your comp. Go up to layer - Transform - Flip Horizontal. Move the tail back into position. Readjust your new elements and type your new text.

For the last step, Lets create a null object by going up to layer - Null Object. Parent the layers to the null and hit p on your keyboard for position. Animate the null to move up as the new text message appears. Now you have the basic elements to build a longer text message chat.

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