Create Liquid Fractual Motion Graphic Backgrounds in After Effects

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Create Liquid Fractual Motion Graphic Backgrounds in After Effects
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Create Liquid Fractual Motion Graphic Backgrounds in After Effects

5000+ Templates: - When it comes to creating animated backgrounds in After Effects, we say to go with the flow! In a world full of ideas and possibilities, it’s hard to pin down exactly what you’re looking for in a background for your latest After Effects project. These liquid fractal motion graphics backgrounds will have your audience starstruck. So follow along, because you don't want to miss this After Effects tutorial!

In this After Effects tutorial, we will be discussing how to create fractal maps, distort and color techniques, and some additional bevel and creative effects. Be sure to like and subscribe for more!

Let's take boring backgrounds in After Effects and use liquid motion graphics instead. In this After Effects tutorial learn how to use Factual and distort effects to create a liquid graphic.

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0:00 Intro - Smash that like button please!
0:34 - Step 1 - Create Fractual Map
2:12 - Step 2 - Distort and Color
3:39 - Download over 5000 templates!
4:06 - Step 3 - Bevel and Creative Effects
5:43 - Free Templates, link in description

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