5 Great Text Effects in After Effects Tutorial (RGB, Seamless, Echo, & More)

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5 Great Text Effects in After Effects   Tutorial (RGB, Seamless, Echo, & More)
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5 Great Text Effects in After Effects Tutorial (RGB, Seamless, Echo, & More)

It’s 2022 and you want to up your title animation game. We don’t blame you! In fact, we’re here to help you in this tutorial. In this quick tut, we’ll be using After Effects to create 5 title effects that will spice up your titles. We will open your mind to new bounds that have never before been explored… in the 2D animated text realm, of course.

Tiktok trends and Instagram Reels rule the digital world in this day in age. As we advance in our short video entertainment skills, we’ve learned that animated titles are one of the best ways to boost our TikToks and Instagram Reels. However, if you are looking to create more amazing animated title work, look no further than this tutorial. We will be taking a deep dive into video overlay text, RGB glitch titles, stroke text effects, seamless titles, and echo animation effects.

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Alpha mattes can be used to overlay footage onto a text animation. Alpha matte footage overlay text provides a huge amount of creative freedom to you when it comes to adding in a title effect that will give you an extra flare of beauty. There are so many ways you are able to use this effect to make your titles pop, including by using it to make a split-screen footage overlay effect.

RGB Glitches are an amazing way to add in some brain-twisting illusionary effects to your titles. Using manufactured abnormalities combined with a pop of color creates an amazing trendy illusionary effect to snag your audience’s attention.

Stroke text effects are perfect for animating your titles when you’re looking for a way to create a quick but simple animation to dazzle your audience with. They are simple yet they do an incredible job at drawing attention to your titles.

Seamless titles are a great way to reach infinity and beyond with the greatness of your titles. Your possibilities are quite literally endless when you dive further into the creative realm of seamless titles.

Echo effects are a great way to get your message heard amongst a sea of people trying to compete for your audience’s attention. Use these effects when you want to emphasize the point in your message.

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0:00 Intro
0:19 Effect 1 - Stroke Title
1:10 Effect 2 - RGB Glitch Title
2:40 5000+ Templates - Link Below
3:08 Effect 3 - Seamless Title
4:00 Effect 4 - Alpha Video Title
5:20 Effect 5 - Echo Title
6:02 Outro - Please Subscribe!

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