Terms, Conditions and Privacy

Terms and Conditions:


1- All content on the platform is collected and shared (after examination, verification, and classification) from YouTube and is owned by the original content owners. It is necessary to respect the ownership rights of these individuals and not to violate them in any way.

2- The aggregated and shared content on the platform should not be used for illegal or unethical purposes, and users should refrain from publishing any content that contains hatred, incitement to violence, discrimination, or harm to others.

3- We do not assume any responsibility for the aggregated and shared content on the platform, and each user is fully responsible for their use of the content.

4- The platform team reserves the right to remove any content that violates the terms and conditions of the platform, temporarily or permanently, including banning users who violate these terms.

5- We reserve the right to change the terms and conditions of the platform at any time without prior notice, and all users must comply with the new terms and conditions after they are announced.

Original content owners (YouTube channels):

The presence of your courses on the Terra Courses platform means that your content is of high quality and has successfully met all Terra Courses standards in terms of quality, scientific material, and teaching style.

YouTube channel rights on the platform:

1- All content is shared only without infringing on any ownership rights.

2- All views that are generated through the platform are counted towards the original videos, and this is clearly indicated through the YouTube control panel.

3- All advertisements that appear on the videos yield profits to the owners of the channels.

4- The YouTube channel owner is mentioned in every video and course.

5- All promotion costs that are incurred to increase views and profits are borne by the platform.

6- Sometimes content is shared without the permission of the channel owner because the content is originally public.

  1. The platform does not infringe on any ownership rights.
  2. If the owner of the channel wishes to delete their content, it will be deleted without any reasons being required.


1- Information collection: Users can visit and use the platform without providing any personal information. However, some personal information may be collected, such as the IP address, web browser used, referrals, and pages opened on the platform. This information is used to improve the services and analyze the use of the platform.

2- Use of information: No personal information is sold or rented to any third party. Personal information is only used to improve and customize the services provided on the platform to meet the needs of users.

3- Cookies: The platform uses cookies to improve the user experience and analyze the use of the services provided. Users can disable the use of cookies in their browser if they wish.

4- Advertising: Ads are used on the platform to fund its operation and improve the services provided. Some ads may display information related to users' personal interests. Users can disable interest-based ads in their user settings.

5- Security: The platform takes security measures to protect the personal information collected on the platform and prevent unauthorized access, use, or disclosure.

6- Contact us: Users can contact us via the email provided on the platform to ask any questions or inquiries about the privacy policy or the use of the platform in general.

7- Changes to the privacy policy: We may update the privacy policy from time to time, and any changes will be posted on the platform. Users must comply with the new privacy policy after it is announced.

Please note that although the platform does not violate the ownership rights of the content aggregated and shared on the platform, the primary use of the content is for educational purposes only and in the context of fair use according to current intellectual property laws. The user is fully responsible for any illegal use of the content on the platform.

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