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By default sessions use cookies. The session-id is stored as a cookie on the client computer. This session-id, is then, used by the web-server to identify if the request is coming from the same user or a different user.

Some of the users, does not like websites writing information to their computers. So it is very common for, users to disable cookies. If that is the case, then websites using cookies, to manage sessions may not work as expected. However, to overcome this problem, cookieless sessions can be enabled. To enable cookieless sessions, set cookieless"true" in web.config

When cookieless sessions are enabled, the session-id is part of the URL and is sent back and forth between the client and the web server, with every request and response.

The web server, uses the session-id from the URL, to identify if the request has come from the same user or a different user.

For cookieless sessions to work correctly, relative URL's must be used in the application, when redirecting users to different webforms.

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