Using ASP NET validation controls with recaptcha

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In this video, we will discuss using ASP.NET validation controls with recaptcha control. This is continuation to Part 166. Please watch Part 166, before proceeding.

If you have a validation summary control on the page and if the Recaptcha control has failed validation it automatically displays the error message in Validation Summary control. All you need is a validation summary control on the page where you want the error message to appear.

Include validation summary control on the page
[asp:ValidationSummary ID"ValidationSummary1" runat"server" ForeColor"Red" /]

Run the application and click the Submit Button. Notice that the error message is displayed in the validation summary control as expected.

Now let's discuss using a custom validator control with the recaptcha control. When the word verification fails we want to display a RED asterisk () next to the captcha control and the error message in validation summary control.

To achieve this
Step 1 : Include the custom validator on the page where you want the RED asterisk () to appear
[asp:CustomValidator ID"CustomValidator1" runat"server" Text"" ForeColor"Red"

Step 2 : Include the server side validation method in the code-behind file
protected void RecaptchaValidator_ServerValidate(object sender, ServerValidateEventArgs e)

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