Part 157 SiteMapPath control in asp net

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In this video, we will discuss SiteMapPath control. This is continuation to Part 156, please watch Part 156 before proceeding.

SiteMapPath control displays navigation path. This navigation path is often called as breadcrumb. Using SiteMapPath control is straight forward.

1. Drag and drop SiteMapPath control
2. Right click on the project name in solution explorer and add a SiteMap file.

That's it we are done. Run the application and notice that SiteMapPath control displays the navigation path. The SiteMapPath control automatically reads data from Web.sitemap file.

At the moment, the only problem is that it is displaying DummyRoot node as well. Here are the steps to hide the Root node in SiteMapPath control in
1. Specify OnItemCreated attribute for the SiteMapPath control on the master page.
2. Copy and paste the following code in the code-behind file of the master page
protected void SiteMapPath1_ItemCreated(object sender, SiteMapNodeItemEventArgs e)
if (e.Item.ItemTypeSiteMapNodeItemType.Root
(e.Item.ItemTypeSiteMapNodeItemType.PathSeparator && e.Item.ItemIndex1))

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