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As the name speaks for itself, Menu control in is used to display a menu in an web application.

The content for the Menu control can be specified directly in the control or the menu control can be bound to a datasource. We will discuss databinding in a later video session.

In this video, let's discuss specifying the contents directly in the control. A Menu control is a collection of MenuItem objects.

By default, the menu control is displayed using vertical orientation. If you want to change its orientation to Horizontal, use Orientation property.

By default, StaticDisplayLevels Property is set to 1. This means only the first level is statically displayed. If you want 2 levels to be displayed statically, you would set this property to 2.

To control the amount of time it takes for the dynamically displayed portion of a menu to disappear, use DisappearAfter property. This is in milliseconds. If you want the menu to disappear after 2 seconds, you would set it to 2000 milliseconds.

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