Part 152 Master page content page user control life cycle in asp net

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In this video, we will understand the order of events execution, when we have a content page with a master page and a user control.

So, in general the initialization events are raised from the innermost control to the outermost one, and all other events are raised from the outermost control to the innermost one.

Please note that the master page is merged into the content page and treated as a control in the content page. Master page is merged into the content page during the initialization stage of page processing.

Two of our valuable youtube channel subscribers were asked the following question in an interview.
Question 1: We have a master page, content page and a user control, with the following events
Master init & master load
Content init & Content load
User control init & User control load

When we run the page containing above things, in what sequence the above events are fired.

Answer: Here is the order
User control init
Master init
Content Init
Content load
Master load
UserControl Load

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