Events and delegates in C# Part 108

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In this video we will discuss about raising another custom event from CalendarUserControl. If you have not watched Parts 106 and 107, I would strongly encourage you to do so before continuing with this video. In this part, we will discuss about raising DateSelected custom event, whenever, the user selects a "Date" from the "CalendarUserControl".

The following are the steps to raise this event
Step 1: Create "DateSelectedEventArgs" class that will contain the event data.
public class DateSelectedEventArgs : EventArgs
private DateTime _selectedDate;

public DateSelectedEventArgs(DateTime selectedDate)

public DateTime SelectedDate
return this._selectedDate;

Step 2: Create DateSelectedEventHandler delegate.
public delegate void DateSelectedEventHandler(object sender, DateSelectedEventArgs e);

Step 3: Create DateSelected event.
public event DateSelectedEventHandler DateSelected;

Step 4: Create a protected virtual method "OnDateSelection" to raise the event.
protected virtual void OnDateSelection(DateSelectedEventArgs e)
if (DateSelected ! null)
DateSelected(this, e);

Step 5: Finally raise the event, whenever a date is selected from the CalendarUserControl.
protected void Calendar1_SelectionChanged(object sender, EventArgs e)
DateSelectedEventArgs dateSelectedEventDatanew DateSelectedEventArgs(Calendar1.SelectedDate);

// Rest of the code

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